Flexi Crate – Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwoods

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Mixed Hardwood Firewood Logs For Sale

  • Kiln dried MIXED hardwood logs in FLEXI size crate ext.dim 1.25 m x 1.18m x 0.88m.
  • Logs are 25cm in length and 7 to 15cm wide measured across the widest edge.
  • Kiln dried to highest standards ( average 15 to 20% moisture content) – Woodsure accredited.

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This crate of kiln dried mixed hardwood logs for sale will give you many hours of burning time and for most homes is enough to keep you going through the Winter. With an average moisture content of less than 20%, you can store and use these logs immediately and expect lower emissions – so it is better for the environment. Perfect for use in your open fire, log burner or wood stove.

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Weight390 kg
Dimensions118 × 88 × 125 cm

347 reviews for Flexi Crate – Kiln Dried Mixed Hardwoods

  1. Jacob A

    Good quality and good value. Only disappointment was delivery where our special instructions to provide 24 hours notice of delivery did not happen and thus delivery arrived when it was not expected causing a few issues. Tracking only told us that it was at the depot.

  2. Blythe F

    Thank you for your wonderful service to us in helping to walk us through the ordering process and then providing such a prompt delivery! Your service to us has been brilliant! It is a joy doing business with you! Thank you! The quality of wood you provide is unsurpassed; my husband is thrilled!! This will be a wonderfully warm winter – thanks to your quality wood and efficient service.

  3. Ian F

    Very pleased with the shipment just received. Quality of the product was excellent – seriously dry, really useful log size, densely packed. The service from ‘buyfirewooddirect’ was prompt and the wood delivered within 2 days of shipment. Not impressed with the delivery firm however! Admittedly not an easy address to deliver to, but the driver’s attitude and poor communication skills made a difficult situation worse. Notwithstanding the delivery info on this web site, not everyone has a ‘curb’ or flat, asphalt driveway, especially in rural locations. And 18 ton vehicles on narrow country lanes really don’t work!

  4. Caroline

    Very dry wood, quick delivery – thank you very much. Very happy, will be buying again.

  5. P Hunt

    Brilliant product, I am now sorted for winter, five stars would have been given if it hadn’t been for the awful delivery. Sadly I will not order again, which is a real shame. The delivery driver was unhelpful, the minute he got our of his wagon he complained about my driveway, it has a slight slant to it and he said it would be impossible to get the pallet onto the drive. Every solution offered was not good enough for him and he was just going to leave the huge crate on the kerbside! I am a lady on my own but was prepared to help, so after quite a nasty exchange a compromise was made and i pushed the crate up the very slight incline and he pulled, hence it was manged quite easily, apart from we were both a bit out of breath. I do appreciate these crates are really heavy and I did not read the small print about it having to live on a totally flat surface, I would suggest not ordering if you are in the same predicament.

  6. Gordon

    Fantastic service. Great product (don’t know how they pack the 2m crate so well). Phoned me to make me aware of the delivery which was bang on time. Logs burn brilliantly, no spitting, dry and as described.
    Will certainly use again.

  7. E Chandler

    This is our third order and once again excellent quality ordered and delivered in three days . And delivery driver could not have been more helpful.

  8. Hazel Jones

    This is the second crate of logs I have had. The first contained Ash logs and each one seemed to last about an hour. This time I went for the hardwood logs which, for the price difference, are no comparison. These seem to burn like Balsa and not nearly as dense. In my opinion pay the small difference, it will be worth it.

  9. george davies

    prompt delivery certainly go there again

  10. Daniel brooks

    Speedy delivery and on schedule. Quality product and good sizes, ready to use.

  11. Danny Brooks

    Very speedy turnaround delivered to schedule. Quality product cut to right size to use. Excellent.

  12. J Bell

    Delivery exactly as described on your website – product packed well and wrapped to keep it dry before I am able to stack in our log store, good product delivered on time and will be buying again when this delivery is used up.

  13. Belinda

    Very good service but I was disappointed by the size of the split logs. Some of them are little more than kindling. It means you have to keep feeding the fire, rather than putting on a nice log and forgetting about it for a while. Logs are nice and dry and come well packed, but not sure I would buy these again.

  14. Paul

    Absolutly brilliant. Order process very slick as was the delivery. The wood is really well packaged, and ready for bad weather and the logs are pretty much as advertised which is all you can ask for.

  15. C Brown

    Fast delivery and good value. As we started to empty the crate I couldn’t believe how many hardwood logs there were, as a wood burning stove is our only source of heating this was good news.

  16. D Bentham

    Always excellent value. Delivery service excellent. Would recommend every time. I come back time and time again. Wouldn’t go anywhere else.

  17. I Lomas-W

    Really pleased. Great product, we’ll split and so easy to stack in my wood store. Brilliantly packaged with waterproof cover so after sitting out for 4 days in rain before I could put it away this weekend it was still perfectly dry.
    Delivery guy did you guys proud too. Managed to get the crate round the back of my house on quite a narrow path so that it was left right next to my wood store. Nothing was too much trouble for him. All round very impressed and after buying from a different company every year for the last 5 years I have finally found one that I WILL use again. Well done!

  18. Mark Cash

    This is the first time that I have used them, ordering online was a breeze, with quick delivery. I will definitely use them again.

  19. D Porter

    100% best wood I’ve ever purchased! Tightly packed as well. Delivery driver was great and managed to drop the pallet onto my gravel drive right by the garage door.

  20. A Brown

    Communication with delivery driver excellent. The wood was delivered as close as possible to its final destination. All in all it was a smooth, swift service.

  21. Alamgir

    Excellent service from the ease of ordering from the website to the crate being delivered. Crate arrived within three days of ordering. Would highly recommend Buy Firewood DIrect.

  22. Alamgir

    Excellent service from beginning to end; easy to order and crate arrived within three days exactly as described. Would recommend Buy Firewood Direct to anyone.

  23. Chris

    Wow!! Logs very dry burn well great delivery put exactly where I wanted it best price around for quality!!
    The have a good knowledge of thier products will always use them already told my friends where to go !!

  24. Chris

    Been going here a while now cause the wood is nice and dry and burns really good wood recommend to you all to go here price and delivery is good

  25. Jim S

    Great service. I was notified of when the delivery would arrive and the delivery driver was really helpful putting the crate where I asked him (dragging it over our stone drive for me).
    The wood burns really well and we will definitely order from Buy Firewood Direct again.

  26. Jonny snow

    Having had a Clearview wood burner for 20 years, it was not to fussy about the quality of wood. A have recently purchased a second wood burner for the property, is was not working as efficiently as the Clearview with the window soothing up. The new burner requires wood to be of a moisture content of 18 or below. I checked out this recent delivery on a sample of logs and no log was over 12. Excellent! The wood is all of uniform size, which makes stacking a pleasure.

  27. Jonny S

    Having had a Clearview wood burner for 20 years, it was not to fussy about the quality of wood. A have recently purchased a second wood burner for the property, is was not working as efficiently as the Clearview with the window soothing up. The new burner requires wood to be of a moisture content of 18 or below. I checked out this recent delivery on a sample of logs and no log was over 12. Excellent! The wood is all of uniform size, which makes stacking a pleasure.

  28. bernard

    Great service, great logs which burn well.

  29. P Cogman

    Excellent service. Driver very helpful and put logs exactly where we wanted them to go. Wood perfect size for our small stove and burns lovely. Will definitely buy from here again

  30. Frank

    Very pleased with this item…just ordered another which tells you all you need to know.

  31. john wood

    Excellent product, delivered within two days, the crate is packed to the brim, each log is spit and of the same length, which makes it easy to stack into my log store, and it is easy to lite.
    I would order again, forget all other suppliers and do not be tempted to buy seasoned logs, they take ages to lite an d do not throw out as much heat.

  32. John Wood

    Excellent product,arrived within two days, driver was most helpful and placed the crate where directed with out any fuss,the crate is tightly packed to the brim to the brim,and all logs are split and cut to the same length, making them easy to stack into my bin store.
    the logs are very dry and easy to burn giving out plenty of heat,I shall not hesitate to buy again from this company.

  33. Alan Rogers

    Very happy with my purchase, logs were delivered just two days after the order was placed.
    i was pleasantly surprised by the quality, very dry and I don’t think it would have been possible to fit another log into the crate.
    A refreshing change after some very damp, poor quality wood from previous suppliers!

  34. Mark Odams

    Great service delivered exactly when they said, driver most helpful & put the logs exactly where we wanted. All cut to size nice & dry & burn very well giving out plenty of heat. Will definitely buy again.

  35. A Faulkner

    If you like your logs clean a and tidy these are the ones for you,very neatly packed and covered so no need to store straight away ,also crate can be chopped up for kindling so no waste,
    All importantly they burn wonderfully and give off plenty of heat,would definitely recommend !

  36. Polo madesley

    Realy chuffed with my logs burn realy hot & steady great service cheers guys x po

  37. D bag

    Excellent logs. Burn nice and clean. Nice and hot. Delivery service great.

  38. Dbag

    Excellent logs. Nice clean burn.

  39. Pete G

    Well packaged & good burning logs.
    Nice compact crate that the delivery guy put exactly where I wanted.
    Fast delivery – happy customer !

  40. J Park

    Good batch of logs to use – delivery driver contacted us as requested for delivery as address not the easiest of places to find. No issues as have used buyfirewooddirect in the past. Will definitely buy again.

  41. Polo M

    Really pleased with my logs! Recommended you to quite a few friends, will be ordering. One for my mum quick delivery too.

  42. Terry franklin

    Dear Sirs:
    I am writing to say that we would not hesitate to recommend your company and services to anybody!
    From a clear, informative website to prompt delivery by extremely courteous and helpful delivery driver.
    Add to that the quality of firewood delivered and it’s the complete service package.
    We will certainly be using your company in the future!
    Kind regards,Terry and Linda Franklin

  43. Maureen Leamon

    Excellent product!! Driver really helpfull! We will be back again and again……. Thank you!

  44. Sue and Dave

    Agree with all the comments about the quality and quantity of the logs and the communication by the delivery company. However, the XXL 2 metre crate was top heavy and the driver struggled to manoevre it inside the lorry, onto the tail lift. It looked at one point as if it would topple over and fall off onto the road. He persevered, but we would not have blamed him if he’d said it was too unsafe to handle / deliver. When we unloaded the crate, we noticed that there were fairly heavy logs at the top and lighter ones lower down – different species. I felt it would have been far safer to send the XXL quantity as 2 smaller crates. The driver was on his own, without a second person to assist him. Meanwhile, we are enjoying wonderful hot fires. Thank you, but please do consider those delivery drivers – he was not a young man!

  45. Maureen Leamon

    Really excellent product and the driver was really helpful!!

  46. Darren Wright

    Very impressed. This was my first purchase from this website as we thought we would try ‘dried’ logs. The whole process went well, the order tracked and on delivery day the driver phoned in advance with his estimated time. We had no delivery problems as we have a quite good access and drive. The driver was helpful, polite and courteous placing the pallet where we wanted, he is a true gentleman. Walker Brothers Transport. As for the logs – they are the right size and perfect. Great price.

  47. Nigel Donald

    Fast, efficient and mess free delivery. Such a change from the usual. Logs are perfectly dry and burn beautifully. Will not hesitate to order again.

  48. Joseph

    Placed my first order a little to close to the Xmas deadline for comfort but it arrived Christmas Eve – driver was brilliant as getting it as close to the garden as humanly possible.

    Neatly stacked pallet and the wood burns really clean and hot.

    Very good value for money and will certainly be ordering again!

  49. Greg

    Very good quality logs which burn very well. Very fast delivery unloded by driver in very convinient place who called my number to confirm details. I will definitely use buy firewood direct in the future. Highly recommended!

  50. Big Steve

    Fantastic logs, burn really well, driver was very helpful & put the pallet in the garage – with a little help from me. Will definitely be ordering again.

  51. Big Steve

    Fantastic product, will definitely be ordering again.

  52. Nigel Donald

    This was my second order and it won’t be the last. As before delivery was very prompt and the logs burn beautifully. Highly recommended!

  53. LA Warren

    First order of wood as only just got wood burner and have to say extremely pleased, delivery prompt, good customer service, price good and the logs burn great, I have had some cheap bags just to get us started but can really tell the quality from firewood direct. Will definitely be ordering again.

  54. Jonathan

    Great service. Ordered just before New Years Eve and received on the 5th. Pallet was well stacked. Delivery driver tried to get it down the side of the house at the request of my wife but it wouldn’t fit and we got it parked out front. Great of him to try. Logs are easy to light, burn well and put out a good heat. Don’t seem to get through them too fast either! Will order again when needed.

  55. Daniela

    First order and very pleased with the wood and the delivery . Will definitely be back for more.

  56. Ann Bowden

    We have have just had our third delivery of the mixed split logs. Would not hesitate to buy from you again. Excellent service, easy to use website for ordering and good delivery.

  57. John – Cheltenham

    Very prompt delivery, as quick as any local supplier. Very polite & helpful driver.
    It is as it say’s on the the box, unlike our local supplier air dried & can contain livestock i.e. creepy crawlies etc. Will use again.

  58. I .Davies

    Good quality logs , delivered exactly when they said , and put in the garage as instructed . I will definitely reorder .

  59. Frank M

    Prompt courteous delivery .Excellent value.


  60. p manning

    excellent logs – well stacked, clean & dry. delivery was straightforward.. highly recommended.

  61. Chris Allen

    Excellent service and good quality logs.

  62. Derek Massey

    What a great product. Clean dry logs at a very competitive price, delivered quickly and efficiently by a helpful, cheerful driver and burned beautifully in my log burner. Will be ordering again soon.

  63. Kate

    Updated regularly r.e dispatched and arrived on expected day/time. Logs burn well

  64. p manning

    these are top quality logs at a very good price. they are clean & dry & tightly packed. delivery was straight forward. I would highly recommend these logs – they burn very well indeed.

  65. Janet Sykes

    Would highly recommend this company. Excellent delivery service, communication but most importantly high quality kiln dried product. Fabulous!

  66. David G

    Great product, well priced. Delivery is well communicated and convenient. The Drivers always get the crate as close to my store as they can. Unpacking is easy because of the crating and the pine crate gives the bonus that you don’t have to buy kindling again! The logs burn well and cleanly. Having tried 3 other suppliers before coming here, this is the best I’ve found

  67. cheryl

    We love this wood, very good value for money. Very clean hardly any mess left the next day and nice to look at once stored.
    Will defiantly order again.

  68. Jenny Whitham

    I love this firewood! It’s so well seasoned and conveniently packed. You even get some free kindling in the form of the crate it comes in!

  69. F marr

    This is my third load of wood ,
    Prompt courtious delivery and good logs every time.

  70. Jag V

    This is my second purchase from buy firewood direct. As before I was impressed with the prompt delivery and obliging driver who brought the crate into the courtyard from kerbside. The quality of these logs cannot be beaten and they really represent excellent value for money. They are better than excellent!!

  71. Denise

    Delivery was quick and convenient. Love the fact that logs are stacked in a crate so could be wheeled straight into the garage – no more offloading and stacking. Logs are a really good size and burn well.

  72. Dean

    Good quality wood. Delivery was excellent, straight into garage.
    Will continue to order this wood in the future.

  73. Will Cox

    Very quick service, logs arrived within 2 days. Easy to store and burn really well. Can tell low moisture as glass on wood burner stays clean.

  74. Angie Bull

    The whole process from placing the order to receiving my logs was easy and very efficient. The wood is cut to the perfect size for my woodburner and together with the quality I get a very hot burning fire in no time at all. I have been using this company for some time now and highly recommend using Buy Firewood Direct

  75. D Christie

    The logs were damp and had mould on them despite having been kept upon delivery within a weatherproof building immediately upon receipt of delivery. They were so damp that when placed in the wood-burner they were hissing from damp.
    Quite disappointed and reluctant to order again.

  76. Andy

    This is the first time to use this company and it will not be the last ,it offers a very prompt and efficient delivery and the quality of logs are the best I have ever paid for . Highly recommend

  77. John B in Cheltnenham

    Very prompt delivery, as quick as ordering from a local dealer. Polite & helpful driver. It is as it say’s on the box, unlike our local suppliers which is air dried & can contain livestock.

  78. Rebecca

    It was a really great process, the delivery was quick and the driver even wheeled the crate straight into our garage. Everything is neatly stacked in a crate and at the end the crate can be used as kindling, perfect. The logs are a really good size and burn well without much residue at all. We’ll be ordering again when this one runs out.

  79. Matt Patel

    The order arrived within the time frame, it was quick and easy. The drive was helpful and left the crate where I had asked him to leave it since I was not in. The logs are of good quality and I will use this company again. They burn well and give of more heat, than the other logs I have used.

  80. mat c

    Great product, fast delivery. recommended!!

  81. Patrice

    Delivery arrived in time.Crate was maneuvered exactly where i indicated. good quality logs in general. Happy.

  82. Scot

    Quick delivery, huge crate. Logs not tried yet. But will recommend!

  83. Sara Page

    Very happy. Prompt delivery and unit placed where I wanted on drive
    Well packed and logs ideally cut and split
    Used the pallet and supports to make a log store!

  84. Patricia

    Fantastic service. Kept fully up-to-date with delivery times and delivery always when indicated. Delivery people always polite and helpful. Logs are great too. No complaints whatsoever!

  85. Steve Jayne

    Tried these logs last winter and I was very impressed , good quantity of logs which lasted the whole winter (still have some left) very clean burning and very good heat output, delivery was prompt and as promised. will definitely be using again for the coming winter. I had previously used a lot of free softwood pallets etc but these logs have converted me to the value of buying good quality hardwood.

  86. Darren

    Fantastic first class service. Kept fully up-to-date with delivery times and delivery always when indicated. Delivery driver was exceptionally polite and helpful. Logs are great, wonderful smell, perfect size. No complaints whatsoever! – See more at:

  87. Ann

    Excellent service as usual. Received text to inform of delivery time which was not convenient. Telephoned and arrangements made easily to change the day. 4th order we have had and always the same quality of service.

  88. L Jepps

    Excellent service and product. Having the logs in the wooden frame already stacked and lovely and dry is a boon when you are not as young as you were. the lorry driver put them just where we needed them. We have ordered the same again this year. I would recommend this company to anyone.

  89. John Arnold

    Just re ordered ready for next winter as load we had last winter was excellent best we’ve purchased. The delivery was prompt and the driver very helpful in storing where we required. Would recommend.

  90. Daniela T

    Second order from this company, very happy with the last one, looking forward to having some more lovely wood for my fire for this winter.

  91. Linda

    Thank you buyfirewooddirect. Well received, logs very dry.linda

  92. karen

    not got a problem with the logs its the delivery i waited in all day only to be told it will be here between 4-5pm couldn’t they have told me this before? instead i got a txt saying it will be here thursday so 1 wasted day 1 days money i can’t get back maybe i will get my logs from else where this service is not good enough

  93. Barry Watson

    Just received my first load of logs and they are excellent. The lorry driver was really polite and very helpful I will certainly be using you again

  94. Peter Edwards

    First time i’ve used this company but won’t be re-ordering again. Order and delivery process was good and logs are all stacked neatly in a good strong crate.
    But I’m not happy with the logs. It was described as mixed hardwood but it appears the logs are all one type of wood. They are very dry and light well and burn bright but just don’t give out much heat and either burn too quickly or go out. Logs will burn through in about 10-15mins and don’t give out much heat unless I full load my stove. They also produce a lot of smoke and blacken my glass doors. I don’t know what this so called EU hardwood is but it’s no good for wood burning stoves.

  95. Peter Edwards

    Not happy with this so called EU hardwood. Won’t be ordering again!

  96. Richard Atkinson

    The second time we’ve used and once again we’ve been delighted by the promptness of the delivery and quality of the logs. They are clean, sound, consistent and burn beautifully. My basic testing meter showed that the average log was well within the spec for moisture content.

    Demand for burning logs is extremely high in our area and many local suppliers run out – leaving the market open for a small number of unscrupulous vendors selling green logs.

    Highly recommended BFDirect logs – they might work out slightly more expensive than local ones – buy for quality and consistency they are superb.

    The contracted delivery driver was the same one on two occasions and was excellent, professional and very helpful with our decidedly awkward delivery point. Top marks!

  97. Angela

    Little disappointed with recent delivery majority of the logs were covered with mold, some felt a little damp. Placed this order as first order we had was good.

  98. Vince

    First class ordering,prompt delivery,excellent tracking and most helpful delivery driver EVER.
    Logs were bone dry,excellently packed burn easily,only drawback was the very small size,being only one split from being sticks!
    In only three weeks almost half have gone?
    Not really economical this time.

  99. Ian Fox

    Ordered again, very easy and clear on line, quick delivery with excellent helpful driver. good quality logs and very well packed in crate.

  100. Richard Austin

    Received delivery today of the 2m crate, delivery by McGregor Logistics was exceptional, helped get it in to my garage.

    I will say though that the height and weight of the pallet made it almost impossible to get it off the tail lift.

    If it wasn’t for the drivers expertise and my help it wouldn’t have happened.
    This put the driver and myself at risk, fortunely everything was OK.


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