40 Nets Kiln Dried Birch Logs

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Netted & Bagged Birch Firewood For Sale

  • 40 Nets kiln dried BIRCH hardwood logs in 22L Size Nets.
  • Birch Logs are 25cm in length and 7 to 15cm wide measured across the widest edge.
  • Kiln dried to highest standards ( average 15 to 20% moisture content) – Woodsure accredited.

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If you love a fire in the evenings and have been searching for logs for sale, you have found the perfect little bundle. But actually not so little because these 40 net bags of silver birch logs are the ideal size for regular fires throughout the winter and easy to store too. Just bring one of these firewood bags into the house every couple of days and without any strain – they are easy to lift. The birch logs are dried to perfection and will give you a clean burn that is better for the environment. Looking for better prices? 80 nets kiln dried birch logs will work out cheaper than buying 40 nets.

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Weight490 kg
Dimensions118 × 88 × 125 cm

2 reviews for 40 Nets Kiln Dried Birch Logs

  1. Wayne Neesham

    Good quality and size of logs, would recommend

  2. admin


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