Kiln Dried Birch

About kiln dried Birch hardwood logs; character, benefits

Choosing the right type of wood to burn in your fire depends on a number of factors including how hot you need your fire to be and what type of fire you have. Birch kiln dried logs are an excellent option for almost all applications and will give you a good roaring fire in no time. For the benefits of birch fire logs, read on:

● Birch trees are usually smaller in size than some other hardwoods and grow relatively quickly – this means they are easily harvested and replanted in sustainable forests.

● You can spot a birch tree by its bark which is grey or white with a peeling papery consistency.

● The heat produced from birch is slightly lower than that from ash, but it reduces to coals that last a long time – giving good residual heat.

● Birch is best when it has been split into smaller pieces as too much bark on any one piece can lead to sparking.

● If kiln dried, birch can reduce the moisture content down to less than 20% making it ideal for most fire types. It is best kiln dried as it can take a long time to dry in the air.

● Birch has a lovely scent when burning making a great choice for firepits and BBQs.

kiln dried birch


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