Bagged Firewood

Kiln dried logs in nets

One of the most difficult parts of having an open fire or log burner is the storage and carrying of all that wood. Bringing it into the house can be difficult and sorting it into manageable amounts can be even worse. This is why our netted kiln dried logs are so popular with householders.

Our net options

Our kiln dried log nets come in two sizes – 80 nets or 40 nets. Each come delivered to you in a crate and pallet which is easy to access. All you need to do is take out one net as required and transport it directly into the house. One net of wood will be enough for at least one day or burning, making it easier than ever to move your wood to where you need it.

If you are ordering the larger sized netted wood we recommend that you ensure you have a suitable place for it to be placed. You may also need to consider the approach to your home and if it will be suitable for our trucks. If you are at all worried about this, please contact us in advance.
We offer mixed hardwood, ash and birch logs all conveniently tied into nets. Each one contains around 10 to 14 logs – more than enough for a day’s use. The wood is kiln dried and therefore offers a low emissions burn and will give you a hotter and longer lasting fire.

The nets are also perfect for if you want to stack your logs in the garage or shed. It is a breeze to move them from the crate and the uniform sized logs will easily stack into a small area.

The flexibility you get from netted logs makes these ideal for home use and you will love how convenient these logs can be.

We have been selling kiln dried wood for more than ten years and therefore have plenty of experience. If you would like to speak to one of our experts just give us a call and we can recommend that best wood products for your needs.

Bagged Firewood From Buy Firewood Direct Ltd

bagged firewood

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