Firewood Delivery Terms

COVID-19 – update 14.05.2020

In order to ensure the continued health and safety of our customers and delivery drivers during the COVID-19 outbreak, we are making some changes to our procedures employed when delivering your consignment. Your driver will no longer provide you with paperwork or hand over their handheld device for you to sign. The following measures are being employed instead:

1. The driver will ask the consignment recipient for their full name and record this on their behalf
2. The driver will ask the consignment recipient for their agreement to sign on their behalf
3. The driver will also take a photograph of the consignment
4. All this information will be transmitted to the consignment sender

We would like to thank you for your continued support and understanding to this ever changing situation.

Getting Your Firewood Delivered

Day 1 You make purchase- either same day PM hours or the following day your crate will travel to your nearest local delivery depot.

Day 2Day 4 From here the crate is delivered to your home address. When allocated we will send you Tracking ID to your mobile number that you can use checking the delivery progress. The driver will call you shortly before arrival.

When Will My Order Arrive?

80 % of our orders are completed on the third day –  you can use this as a reference guide. For example, if you ordered on Monday before 13.00 hours, order will arrive on Wednesday.

Order Placed

Delivery Window

Monday (by 13.00)Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Tuesday (by 13.00)Thursday, Friday, Monday
Wednesday (by 13.00)Friday, Monday, Tuesday
Thursday (by 13.00)Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Friday (by 13.00)Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Saturday (any time)Wednesday, Thursday, Friday
Sunday (any time)Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Firewood delivery general requirements  

Your firewood will be transported on a vehicle that requires clearance of 3m (10ft) in width and 5m (17ft) in height to access your property, this includes overhanging branches.

It is therefore vital that you ensure you delivery area is big enough to accommodate such a vehicle. The surface of your delivery area should be level, not on a slope, and made of sturdy material, not grass. Unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver pallets where the access road offers clearance space that is smaller than required. It is your responsibility to ensure access roads adhere to these specifications on the day of your delivery.

Please note that all our deliveries are Kerbside and it is up to driver’s discretion to move your pallet elsewhere. In all cases for further pallet handling hard and even surface is required. There will be re-delivery charge of min  £40.00 + delivery surcharges where applicable /per crate for each additional delivery attempt in cases when there is no one  to receive the delivery or the delivery is unable to be left safely! When placing your order it is your responsibility to ensure that the delivery point is suitable for delivery as per these given instructions. If you have any questions regarding the delivery, please contact Us.

Click here to see short video presentation how palletized goods are delivered. Click Here

What if I’m not in when the delivery arrives?

By the default, if you are not in, driver is instructed to leave pallet safely if possible.

What if I’m not in and not possible to place your delivery safely?

If there is no one to do that, our drivers by the default are instructed to leave your firewood on the kerbside. If this cannot be done safely, our policy is to return the firewood to the local distribution warehouse. It will then be up to you to arrange a re-delivery, an option that will incur a charge of at least £40.

Delivery comments

During the checkout please inform us of your delivery preferences in terms of where you would like us to leave your firewood.  Please note, that we are contracted to deliver to the kerbside of properties, and it is down to the driver whether they leave pallets elsewhere. So it’s at their discretion whether or not deliveries are made to other locations on your property.

Delivery Surcharges

£10 Surcharge area

DG, EH15-EH26, EH31-EH46, EX2-EX4, EX6-EX9, EX16-EX23, EX31-EX39, FK10, G13-G15, G60-G64, G81-G84, KA1-KA26, KA29-KA30, KY25, LD, LL37-LL39, LL42-LL49, LL51-LL56, LL58-LL78, ML10-ML12, PA1-PA19, PL, SA19-SA20, SA31-SA48, SA61-SA73, SY10-SY11, SY16-SY25, TA22-TA24, TD1-TD4, TD6-TD7, TD9-TD10, TQ, DD, FK8-FK9, FK11-FK21, KY1, KY6-16, KY99, PH1-PH7, PH11, PH14, TD5, TD8, TD11-TD15, TR1-TR16, TR93, EC, SE1, SW1, WC.

£20 Surcharge area

AB, IV1-IV28, IV30-IV32, IV36, IV55-IV56, IV63, IV99, KW1-KW3, KW5-KW14, PH8-PH10, PH15-PH18, TR17-TR27, PA21-PA38, PA80, PH19-PH26, PH30-PH41, PH49-PH50, BT

£25 Surcharge area


£40 Surcharge area

IV40-IV49, IV51-IV54, KW15-KW17, HS, PA20, ZE