The great advantage of kiln dried logs is that you will always know exactly what you’re getting – logs which have been placed inside a large kiln that is both heat and humidity-controlled. They are then left for several days until the moisture content has reached the ideal level, which is usually lower than 20%. The kiln’s extremely high temperatures and low humidity quickly draw out the moisture from the logs.

When purchasing your seasoned logs, you will have to take the processor’s word for it that the logs are “seasoned”. They could have been air-dried for as little as 6 months or as long as 3 years. The only way you can find out for sure is to test the logs with a moisture meter before buying them. This involves splitting them open and checking their internal moisture content, which can vary a lot more in seasoned logs because of the very nature of traditional air-dried logs, which do not release their internal moisture as easily as kiln dried logs. In fact, logs that measure 20% on the outside might be as high as 40% and wet on the inside.

Kiln dried logs are kind to your stove or flue lining

If you buy seasoned logs from a local supplier, the moisture content generally starts at 25% and can rise to 40%. This depends on how long the logs have been left to dry out. Over time, this causes the build-up of high levels of creosote and tar, and damages your stove and flue lining. It is extremely hard to find very well seasoned logs which are below 20% as it is very difficult for traditional suppliers to keep up with demand in a rapidly growing market that’s boosted by the popularity of wood burners. As a result, there is now increasing demand for ready to burn kiln dried logs.

A kiln dried log is more valuable than two seasoned logs

The higher quality of kiln dried logs means they are more valuable and have a higher price than traditional air-dried logs. In fact, one kiln dried log can give you the same amount of heat as two to three regular seasoned logs. This means you will only need one log on your stove to generate excellent heat output.

Always available all-year-round and ready to burn

As kiln dried logs sellers only need to hold sufficient stock to keep up with their current demand, it is much easier for them to manage their stock levels, which can be ordered within weeks. Therefore, no matter what the month is, you can guarantee that kiln dried logs sellers will have stock available.

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