If your goal is to make your wood-burning stove or fireplace burn hot and efficiently, you need proper firewood. It means that logs you’re going to use must be optimally dry and obtained from hardwood species. Only this combination guarantees a strong long-lasting fire and hassle-free maintenance for your chimney. There are a few things you need to consider when looking for kiln dried logs for sale near me, so without further ado, let’s dive into it.

Green vs Seasoned vs Kiln Dried Wood

Freshly chopped wood is a poor option for fireplaces and stoves. Its moisture content is usually above 60%, which makes it difficult to light and sustain a fire. A huge portion of the energy produced in the burning process will be wasted on moisture evaporation. As a result, your fire will emit little heat and it will tend to die down.

Firewood that has been naturally dried outdoors for several months is known as seasoned. Thanks to solar-powered water evaporation, you get much dryer tinder. However, the quality of such firewood is not uniform. Some logs are ready to burn while others are still damp. You will have to either sift out insufficiently dry pieces or compromise the efficiency of your fire. One more shortcoming is that firewood may lose its hardness while drying. Depending on the log diameter and wood species, it may take 2-3 years to achieve optimal moisture content. Over the course of this time, wood is exposed to ultraviolet, temperature fluctuations, and even pests. Sometimes, it results in crumbly consistency, smoky fire, and poor burning quality.

So, green and seasoned firewood is less than perfect for fuelling fireplaces, wood-burning stoves, fire pits, and pizza ovens. What you really need to quickly light a fire and make it burn hot and efficiently is kiln dried logs. This type of firewood has been artificially dried in industrial kilns to reduce the moisture content down to 20% or less. Whereas it takes years to dry wood in a natural way, kilns allow evaporating excess water in 7-10 days. Thanks to a consistent temperature, air circulation, and continuous quality control, every batch is uniformly dried and ready to burn.

Why Should You Look for Kiln Dried Logs for Sale Near Me?

Not only does kiln dried firewood generate instant heat and last longer but also it burns much cleaner than its counterparts. If logs are insufficiently dry, they smoke, smoulder, and produce too much soot. Eventually, it may damage your chimney. However, if you opt for optimally dry logs, they will barely emit smoke and leave very little ashes. Besides, they don’t crack or throw sparks when being burned meaning you can safely use them in a fireplace.

Since kiln dried logs are very low in moisture, you can light a fire almost effortlessly. Flames will steadily build up quickly reaching scorching temperatures. With hardwood species, a fire lasts a long time and requires little control from you. Last but not least, artificially dried logs is an economical option because you will need 1.5-2 times fewer logs (in comparison with seasoned wood) to heat a room or cook on a fire-burning stove.

A Short Guide on Firewood Species

If you are looking for kiln dried logs for sale near me, you should consider getting hardwood species. Due to their density and hardness, they provide extended burning time and generate maximum heat. Buy Firewood Direct offers the following types of hardwood fire logs.

Ash-Oak firewood is the best option in regard to super-hot flames and prolonged burn time. Just a few logs will maintain heat in an oven or fireplace throughout the night. On the other hand, because this type of wood is the densest, fire requires some time to build up, plus you will have to put forth extra efforts to chop logs.

Kiln dried ash firewood is great for stoves due to ease of use, long burn time, and excellent heat output. Even if logs are a little damp, you won’t have any problems with lighting a fire.

Birch firewood is slightly softer than oak and ash meaning you can easily chop and split it. It catches fire faster than hardwood species and provides instant heat. Birch is a favourite option for fireplaces because it gives off attractive bluish flames and emits pleasant scent. It tends to burn out faster but you can prolong fire by reducing airflow in a vent.

If you require budget-friendly firewood for your fireplace, stove, or log burner, a mixture of hardwoods will fit the bill. Basically, it is a blend of 3-4 wood species with varying properties that is much cheaper than top-notch oak logs. At the same time, it features superb burn qualities and desired flexibility. For instance, if the mixture includes birch and oak logs, the former is the best to start a fire and the latter is ideal to sustain it.

Buy Firewood Direct – a Trustworthy Supplier of Kiln Dried Logs

Local fire log sellers can’t really keep up with demand. They either sell middling seasoned firewood or rely on imported tinder. Either way, they can’t meet your needs in terms of quality, safety, and inexpensive pricing. If you’re searching for a reliable firewood supplier boasting consistent quality and a great value for your money, look no further than Buy Firewood Direct.

What makes us different from other companies is that we directly manage wood harvesting, sawing, and kiln drying processes. Such an approach allows us to ensure the highest possible quality and carry out ethical manufacturing standards. We make sure that forest areas allocated for timber are then planted with young healthy trees. We don’t fell endangered wood species or cause critical damage to forest ecosystems. In fact, wood thinning is essential to help the remaining trees grow taller and stronger.

If you are looking for kiln dried logs for sale near me, Buy Firewood Direct has multiple options to suit your needs. We stock oak, birch, ash, and mixed logs in three pallet sizes and two net sizes. We deliver across the UK via courier services and 80% of orders arrive within 2-3 days after posting. All our firewood products are dried in modern air-ventilated kilns under our supervision to guarantee the best quality on the market.