Advice about firewood fuel and usage

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    Oak provides a longer burn that has more heat output. We have introduced kiln dried ash/oak logs for customers who use their stoves intensively throughout the day. Oak burns extremely hot and offers a longer burn than any of the hardwood species. This makes it an ideal wood for an experienced user or someone who uses their stove intensively and burns through logs fairly quickly. You will find that one of our crates of ash-oak
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    Birch logs are the ideal choice for newcomers and many casual users because they are a quick and easy way to get your fire roaring. There is no doubt that kiln dried birch logs are excellent firewood. As they quickly catch fire and will warm your house sooner than any other hardwood species. This makes them perfect for people who mainly use their stove or log burner in the evenings or during the weekend. You’ll
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    Now that we have started the burning season and we have a lot of customers who are relatively new to wood burning, I would like to offer some tips about the safe and efficient burning of kiln dried logs. Firstly, ensure that you get the stove hot enough – above 250 °F – as soon as possible because this is the optimal temperature for complete combustion. Secondly, maintain this heat so that you have an
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    A stove thermometer enables you to monitor your stove’s performance and know how efficiently your fire is operating You can generally attach a stove thermometer to your flue pipe with a magnet that is mounted on the rear. It will give you instant feedback on the heat of your fire. Always burn logs within the optimal temperature range to avoid creosote If the vents of your stove are damped or closed down too much it